Apple Watch is The Bridge to the Future

This is by far one of the best articles we have read concerning the Apple Watch and wearable technology, as a whole.

There is no doubt that new devices will be strange to use, feel weird and may not function how we think they should, but that is the beauty in innovation and technology advancements. We, at Apple Watch Community, are extremely excited to get our Apple Watches and begin to figure out how they will save us time, help get us moving more and keep us connected while enjoying life. However, we are more excited about how Apple Watch will spawn a revolution of wearable technology devices, accessories and apps.

As we have seen in the past with iPhone and iPad, once the developers and dreamers start using this new device, we will see entire industries begin to exist, and grow, and 5 years from now we will look back and remember being a part of history.

We will say, “Where were you when the Apple Watch was released?”

What did you do when proponents expressed how they felt Apple Watch would take us into the future and spur wearable technology innovation?

What did you think when critics thought it was too weird, too expensive, didn’t do enough, was too difficult to use or didn’t have a “real” use?

Dream big fellow dreamers.

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Author: watchmod

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