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Based on the over 500 Social Media “Likes” and “Shares” that we received on our social media pages whenever we featured the WatchDock product, we decided to reach out the the team behind this fully-funded Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about how it came to life and get their thoughts on the future of the Apple Watch ecosystem.

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We had the chance to speak with Jim Ferguson, co-creator of the WatchDock Steel Apple Watch charging dock, and asked him some questions about the crowd-funding process, the final product and his passion for social media engagement.

WatchDock began with a team of 3 Industrial Designers who were very familiar with Apple products and who initially saw a need for travel charging options for Apple Watch. They were ahead of their time and were looking to offer a solution for a problem that nobody had yet, as Apple Watch had not yet been released. They started a campaign on IndieGoGo with the first concept of a travel charger/stand that worked with an electrical outlet.











Jim and the team learned allot from their first campaign, and even though they did not reach their funding goal, they committed to continuing the WatchDock concept, while making sure that their initial IndieGoGo backers would be receiving the WatchDock Steel product, when finished.

As someone who has had a few negative experiences with previous crowd-funded products, I was especially appreciative of Jim’s loyalty to his backers and his personal accountability to make sure they are informed and enjoying the journey just as much as he is.

The WatchDock team wanted to stick with “classic industrial design and stay adaptable within their geometry”. Steel was the best solution to allow for┬áthe product to mimic the magnetic qualities of the Apple Watch charging concept and let users have fun with how they choose to use the magnetic cord keepers. The weight of the steel and the ability to have a great color finish will offer users a unique feel of quality, while keeping it fun and personal.











Jim plans on making the steel parts locally, in Georgia, and has thought through the logistics of assembly and packaging. Backers should expect to get updates through the entire process and timelines will be shared as each step is completed.

It is very important to Jim and the WatchDock team that the backer experience is world-class and that commitments and deadlines are accurate and fulfilled.

Jim feels that the Apple Watch will allow us to let go of the “Kung-Fu grip” that we have on our phones and allow us to get the notifications and information that we need without having to constantly reach for our phones and interrupt meetings or conversations.

Jim is extremely engaged in social media and loves to interact with anybody who shares the same passion for design, technology and/or innovation.

We are looking forward to reviewing a WatchDock Steel, once production is complete, but feel that the mix of concept, quality, and price will provide a great solution for many Apple Watch users.

We hope you enjoyed this product highlight and please let us know if you would like more of these in the future! #AppleWatch #WatchDock #KickStarter

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