Why I took off my Apple Watch!

So, after 2 weeks of wearing my Apple Watch, I finally had to take it off…. please let me explain.

I have been salivating about the Apple Watch from the moment I saw the Keynote last September. After watching the announcement live online, it wasn’t a matter of “if” I would get an Apple Watch, as much as it was a matter or which one I would get.

I debated between Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport and even asked Social Media for help!

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I looked at style, weight, quality, and clasps to make the best decision I could. I have become an avid gym rat and the health and exercise tracking was a major interest of mine. I had worn a Fitbit force until it literally separated and made a promise to myself that I would not by another fitness tracker until the Apple Watch was released.

I must admit, I am also a luxury watch fan and have a nice collection of time pieces, so I’m very familiar with Sapphire Crystal and the difference in metals and such.

After many months of anticipation, Apple finally announced the process for “trying on” the Apple Watch and, of course, I was there on day one.

I went back and forth between the Black stainless steel and Black Sport versions. I was concerned about the fit of the Stainless Steel bracelet, as I like to wear my watch a little loose, but the heart rate tracker and security feature would not work with the Apple Watch when worn in that method, so I tried on the Milanese Loop. Sold. I appreciated the quality feel of the Milanese Loop and the ability to adjust throughout the day. I liked that it did’t pull my arm hair. I also wanted to wear my Apple Watch to the gym daily so I needed a sport band and settled on the black band (Fun Fact: It’s actually lighter than the other colors).

After way to long, yes I’m being a bit dramatic, I finally got my stainless Apple Watch with the Black Sport band and am still waiting on my separately purchased Milanese Loop (c’mon Apple!!).

I have been wearing it for 2 weeks and have “road tested” this thing daily!

I have been comparing calorie burn and distance completed versus ellipticals and treadmills, I have utilize Siri more than ever, I have made and received calls, I use Apple Pay to purchase things at the drug store, I use passbook to buy Starbucks and even scanned myself into the movie theater to see Avengers with it! (Yes, it stopped the whole line and blew the mind of the kid collecting paper tickets!)

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So far, the thing that has impressed me the most is the ability to not have to take my iPhone out of my pocket every time it vibrates. I really didn’t realize what a nuisance it was to never know if I was getting a text message, notification alert, email, etc. and having to constantly check my iPhone to see what it was. I programmed my default replies for the things that I use the most and for the times that I can’t fully engage in conversation or answer a call (“Driving, can’t text”, “Can’t talk, but can text”, “Thanks!”)

I have allot of conversations throughout the day and the ability to screen and filter communication from my iPhone, without having to reach in my pocket or place my iPhone on the table in front of me, has been amazing. I think that the people I am speaking with have unknowingly appreciated it as well, and I have yet to have anyone complain about me looking at my watch for a brief second.

And now for the title of the article. I fell asleep on the couch last night and when I woke up at 5am to go to the gym, my Apple Watch was at 2% battery. I ran into my bedroom to charge it just enough to wear to the gym. I almost missed tracking a workout and that scared the living bejesus out of me.

I now use a silent, taptic reminder, at midnight, to make sure that I always take off my Apple Watch…. when sleeping.


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