Product Review: An Affordable Apple Watch Strap Solution!

We recently received a few bands from and had a chance to wear them for a few days!

There are a TON of growing options for Apple Watch straps, some we love and some.. well… could be better :o)

We are very excited about Bandit and their concept! People love straps and bands for their Apple Watch and people love to customize these straps and bands. This is exactly what Bandit offers, at a very affordable price!

For example, they allow customers to combine two colors for a single band (Click Here for info). In addition, they also offer 2 and 3 pack bundles, where customers can choose their own combination of colors ( Click Here for more details).

They are currently working on on-boarding more colors as well as unique designs from local artists.

Here are 2 Bandit bands compared to an official Apple Watch Strap. As you can see, the design is extremely accurate. The Bandit bands do weigh less than the Apple Strap, but they were just as comfortable. If weight on the wrist is something that you have been trying to reduce, this becomes a great option.


The Bandit bands fit nicely. There is a little push needed to get the bands to slide onto the watch and a little tug necessary to get the bands off, but once they click, they are going nowhere!


Product Reviewed:

2 Bandit Bands

 – 1 Pink set

– 1 Green/Black combo set


$14.99 each

Overall Rating: A

For the price conscious shopper, these are the best bands for the money. As their selection and partnership with local artists grow, we recommend Bandit as a small business that has the right idea on offering quality and customization at a price that should allow everyone to own a few different Apple Watch bands.

Designs and prototypes can be found on their social media sites.

Author: watchmod

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