Strapl: Best Leather Apple Watch Strap

Wow…. all we can say is that we absolutely LOVE our Strapl bands.





We, at, have had the opportunity to test many 3rd party bands and straps for the Apple Watch and are extremely happy to see that there are many options at many price points! However, we have been stopped and complimented on our Strapl straps more than anything else that we have tested in the wild! The quality of the leather makes us feel that we are wearing classic time pieces and the comfort is unmatched.

Many of the people behind have been collecting watches previous to the existence of the Apple Watch and while we may have selected similar Apple Watch faces, we all rotate different straps.




In the case of the Strapl Classic strap…. I can’t take it off. This straps are by far our most favorite and we heavily suggest giving them a try, if you are leather watch band fan.


IMG_9512 IMG_9377 IMG_9510


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Author: watchmod

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