What’s On? TV reminders for Apple Watch

Hey Everybody!

We recently came across a great new app for iPhone and Apple Watch for all you TV watchers that forget what day it is, like us! :o)

What’s On? is a killer new app that provides reminders, widgets, complications and glances support to provide you with when your favorite TV shows are airing.

WhatsOn Today WhatsOnApp


It seems like a simple concept, and Benjamin Kelsey has done a great job making it easy to use and simple to search!

We have been using the app for almost 2 weeks now and have really enjoyed the functionality and usefulness on our Apple Watch!

Find the app HERE.

Also, we have some codes to share from Benjamin, so the first 5 people to share this article and email info@applewatchcommunity.com will get this app for FREE!!

Author: watchmod

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